Circular and quality: how Lebrand reuses leather offcuts

Circular and quality: how Lebrand reuses leather offcuts

Leather offcuts? They become luxury clothing. Polish brand Lebrand has presented its first collection made from the off-cuts of previous seasons. Buyers can be sure that they are not only buying a unique garment, but also that it is saving raw materials from being dumped.

Luxury clothing with leather offcuts

Lebrand presented the ‘Spring 22’ collection. The leather garments, or garments with leather inserts, have a special feature: they are made by sewing together scraps from other processes. Nothing is thrown away. This collection features various leather garments, including shoes and accessories. A nature-friendly idea that once again demonstrates the circularity of leather, and has at least one prestigious precedent. In 2021, as recalls, Maison Margiela unveiled for MM6 a collection of three accessories made from cut-outs. In both cases, the leather patchworks are held together with visible stitching that makes each piece unique.

The collection

“The contrasting combinations bring freshness to simplicity and give a classic contemporary character,” explain Lebrand. “Leather suit acquires a new face thanks to the use of leather cuttings from previous collections. This way, another surprising combination has been created: patchwork with a fresh and modern look”.

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