How D’Arienzo Collezioni climbed the e-commerce hierarchy

How D'Arienzo Collezioni climbed the e-commerce hierarchy

These days D’Arienzo Collezioni is among the exhibitors at L’Artigiano in Fiera (Milan, December 4-12). Because participation in this type of event open to the final consumer has been part of the company from Solofra’s strategy since it was founded in 1991. Precisely for this reason, D’Arienzo Collezioni continues to set up its stand at Fiera del Levante (Bari), Fieracavalli (Verona) and similar events in France. We use the verb “continue” because Matteo D’Arienzo‘s company, which specialises in leather clothing, has meanwhile become a leader in industry’s e-commerce. This was recognised by the ranking drawn up by Corriere della Sera and Statista. Experience confirms it. Try searching for “leather jacket” on Google: the results may vary, but there is a good chance that the search engine will recommend the site of the brand from Solofra on the first page results’.

Thanks to the SEO

This is no accident. On the contrary, it is a result of the huge amount of work done on the SEO, i.e. optimising the website for search engines. “The website is like a child: if you take care of it, it will give you results”, says Marco D’Urso, the company’s e-commerce manager. D’Urso joined D’Arienzo Collezioni in 2013, when he was all in all fresh out of school, but already strong from his first experience in the digital channel. “In 2014, we launched the website, in 2015 we started on several marketplaces”, he recalls. “I didn’t think we would achieve these results, but I knew we had great potential to be explored”.

The service

Of course, emerging in the magnum sea of the web and meeting the public is fundamental. That’s the way the web is: if people can’t find you easily, you don’t exist. But D’Arienzo Collezioni’s success is not only due to its positioning ability. Today, the company has digital stores on Amazon and Ebay, 5 of its 20 employees are involved in digital activities, it sells in 76 countries around the world, and 80% of its turnover comes from online sales. “The pandemic, which has changed consumer attitudes, has given a big boost to progressive growth. Unlike some competitors, who are now internalising activities that were previously outsourced”, D’Urso acknowledges, “we have always had a direct approach to the consumer. This has allowed us to take better care of the service. And we also have different margins compared to those who rely solely on marketplaces”.

The supply chain

Similarly, the company relies on its location in the heart of Solofra, where it also runs a showroom. “Our garments are completely made in Italy. We get the raw material directly from the district: ours is zero-kilometre sourcing”. Just as the direct relationship with the customer and the care taken over pre and post-sales services allow for more interesting margins, the control of production allows D’Arienzo Collezioni to offer “very competitive prices: online there is a consumer who is not always looking for top brands, but is also interested in independent brands”.

Prospects and investments

The general volume of the company from Solofra’s turnover is said to be increasing. And, according to its e-commerce manager, the digital channel will continue to grow in 2021. And now? D’Arienzo Collezioni is pushing to expand into new markets. It is in talks to enter some Asian marketplaces. It intends to invest in some European markets. And, for 2022, it has Dubai in its sights.





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