Leather clothing confirms being a winning niche

Leather clothing confirms being a winning niche

Leather confirms its leading role in the fashion universe. This was also demonstrated at the latest, recent edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, held last week. In Florence, it was seen declined in multiple solutions that know how to satisfy a transversal clientele, with leather clothing attracting particular interest. Clothing that, therefore, maintains its (current) dimension as a winning niche, thanks to a series of qualities specific to leather.

The quality of a winning niche

The charm of craftsmanship

“While waiting for a complete recovery of foreign markets starting next year, strong indications on the vitality of some countries are coming from Pitti. For example: South Korea and Japan, America and northern Europe, especially Scandinavia, among our most active customers,” say Sofia and Greta Pampaloni of Garrett. “Leather and shearling, different types of lining, for garments that meet the most varied fashion demands. We diversify to intercept market trends, with the certainty that the quality of the craftsmanship of the leathers remains the added value of production”.


Leather responds to every need. “It remains indispensable, declined in multiple solutions, from the most classic to the most innovative”. Says Massimo Di Franco of Emmeti di Franco (photo left). “We have found again our main Asian customers, Japan and Korea, and North America, where we are already present, and Canada, where we are targeting with new projects. We are looking to 2023 with confidence, after an average downturn of 20 per cent due to Covid, which now seems to be behind us, as witnessed by the vitality of our customers at Pitti. In addition to leather jackets with a more classic approach, we have proposed sheepskin and technical cotton jackets, which are much appreciated by customers who want a versatile garment that can be worn in different climates”.

Timeless elegance

Outerwear in leather, nappa, suede and sheepskin with an elegant and modern cut are those proposed by Salvatore Santoro, a company from Naples that found a very active clientele at Pitti. “Demand for leather is high and spread throughout the year,” says Francesco Santoro, “in view of the changing consumer trends and the ability of hides to be used in the most varied processes. At Pitti we found again customers from Europe, America, Korea and Japan who, while not renouncing the timeless elegance of the more classic garments, appreciate the innovations proposed. We believe that 2023 will see a settling of the fashion system, with progressive growth in consumption”.

Dynamism and concreteness

One-piece suede jackets with a classic cut and warm shades for 070 Studio (photo right), a line distributed by Landi, which confirms the trend of a wide demand for leathers coming from fashion. “We register a strong interest in high-quality leather garments rewarded by customers with the most varied needs,” says Luca Carbone, sales manager. “In addition to the dynamism of established customers from countries like Japan, Korea and Europe, there has been great substance”. In other words: “Contacts and new requests for a recovery that appears to be more and more decisive”.

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