Automotive industry keeps up: Faurecia goes faster in the half-year period, Adient speeds up in South Africa

Automotive business keeps running fast. In fact, production of accessories (leather vehicle interiors, to begin with) enables top players to enhance their profits and carry out new investment projects. French Faurecia ended 2018 first half-year period by achieving very rewarding accomplishments: overall sales nearly reached 9 billion euros (8,9 for the records), therefore increasing by 10,9% compared to 2017 same period. Such good trend positively affected all of the business segments: the Seating one, in particular, improved its financial performance considerably, +8,8%, at fixed rates of exchange, moving from 3,63 up to 3,78 billion euros. Same goes for operating revenues. In the first six months of 2017 they amounted to 582,7 million euros: they have reached 647,2 million euros this year, that is, +11,1%. “The accomplishment we have achieved goes beyond our roadmap expectations”, remarked Patrick Koller, chief executive officer of Faurecia, while providing an outlook about 2018 on the whole (“We are going to grow, at fixed rates of exchange, by 8,8% at least”) and confirming the company’s goal for 2020: boosting yearly turnover up to over 20 billion euros. Likewise, American Adient have been gearing up as well: they have invested 7,4 million dollars in a new cutting plant in South Africa. Based in Rosslyn, it is currently staffing 370 employees: here they work on manufacturing and just-in-time assembly of seats mostly for BMW cars (X3 models).


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