Chemical industry for the tanning sector: TFL focuses on innovation. All R&D activities in Switzerland

“Innovation is the most important piece of our business’ philosophy”. A mission for all the operators of the chemical industry for the tanning sector. A mission that, for TFL, takes a step forward, with regards to logistics and more. The chemical group announced that “to develop this innovative culture that is needed, it has decided to expand and invest in new chemistry and screening laboratories, strengthening the activities in Switzerland, in the already existing laboratories”. In essence, explains TFL “the current R&D activities in TriRhena (Germany/France/Switzerland), as well as the selection of new materials and testing, will be consolidated in the Muttenz facility, near Basel in Switzerland. To make the sites even more fruitful and put the technical improvements (chemistry and applied chemistry) into place, we will get the staff into the new site by the end of 2017”. The goal? “To strengthen, thanks to the staff’s closeness, our efficiency, our quality, and our constant updated approach to the market”, explains Peter Amann, Ceo of TFL (in the picture).


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