IULCTS in Dresden, the chemical segment selling to tanneries is pushing for a green revolution

G. Defeo (Ars Tinctoria) durante il suo intervento in IULCTS

Innovation, research, chemicals for tanneries. An ear that pays attention to the market, its needsand concerns. The 35thcongress by IULTCS(The International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies)took place in Dresden from June 25thto June 28th, and had as the main theme the advancing of alternative materials with the fashion and automotive industries. The topic kept the 440 delegates that arrived in the German city interested in listening to the 170 programmed presentations.

Benign by Design

Benign by Design(which is self-explicatory): when sustainability becomes the lighthouse for all human activities, the tanning and chemical industries step up to further the efforts on their end. Presentations by scientists, suppliers and researchers were all created around the concept of a more sustainable leather segment and greener chemicals’ industry.

Italian Footprint

At the event there had to be an important presence of Italian players. In fact, they were the main characters of 6 conferences and 5 posters. During the four days of the event, for example, Gruppo Mastrottopresented a joint research with Padua University, regarding the reaction between bovine collagen and a triazine-based reagent. Moreover, SSIP and UNIC – Italian Tannersdiscussed matters relating to the measurements of hides’ surfaces, while Ars Tinctoriashowcased its findings on false positives.

Next Appointment

With the 35thedition coming to an end, together with Freiberg Leather Days, IULCTS sets the next meeting in 2021 for the 36thedition of the Congress. The upcoming stage for the event is Addis Abeba(Ethiopia).

In photo, Gustavo Defeo (Ars Tinctoria), during its speech at the conference titled “False Positives II – Chlorophenols Identification Towards HPLC DAD-MS Analysis Compared To ISO 17070:2015 Technique”. 




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