3 Trend Areas instead of 2: rich stylistic pragmatism and the possibility of an “immersive” virtual experience

New identity, new size, new model of usability. Along the axis of these three objectives, Lineapelle proposes an innovative exhibit step for its fashion heart. The Trend Area, divided into 3 from this edition, leaves the two raised LEMs (into which it had been divided after the move to Fieramilano Rho) and enters the halls, wiping out the distance from the exhibitors. Over 2,000 samples, collected and presented in pavilion 13-15 (lane Z), pavilion 9 (lane U), and pavilion 22 (lane T). The rich concrete nature of the materials on show in the 3 Trend Areas acts as a counterpart to the proposal of “an immersive experience in trends, with a 360° video set in a virtual reality.” Within the Trend Area located in pavilion 13-15, an installation has been set up where, once visitors have put on the appropriate visors, they can explore four three-dimensional microcosms. The interactive helmets are equipped with stereo viewers, which allow wearers to experience three-dimensional scenes generated in computer graphics. This experience is animated as visitors move their heads, perceived through a sophisticated set of sensors, which allows wearers to move through digital worlds that reflect the mood of the upcoming season, presented and reinterpreted using digital languages.


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