#doyouthinkyellow: a photogallery tells the story of Lineapelle London

#doyouthinkyellow: a photogallery tells the story of Lineapelle London

The kick-off took place. On Tuesday, 11 July 2023, Lineapelle London opened the season of Lineapelle’s exhibition network. The starting input #doyouthinkyellow, linked to the image chosen for this new round of fairs, at the Ham Yard Hotel, became the common denominator of a creative and product comparison (as usual) very stimulating and based on a fruitful informality. Here, then, images are worth more than words. Those of the photogallery that recounts the one-day event in London. Next stop: Lineapelle New York, 19 and 20 July.

A photogallery tells Lineapelle London

43 companies took part in Lineapelle London. It was an opportunity to present Metamorphosis abroad for the first time. In other words, the trends developed by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee for Autumn-Winter 2024-25. There was a good level of interest and feedback, with a special focus on the new horizon of interior design.




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