GDS: farewell to Düsseldorf. From 3 to 5 September 2017 everything is changing. The new location is a mystery

From Sunday 3 to Tuesday 5 September 2017. It is highly unlikely to be in Düsseldorf, where there is no room for a fair on that date on the calendar of the fair-organizing business. The February dates have been confirmed, however: from Tuesday 7 to 9. Kirstin Deutelmoser, director of GDS, has sent a letter to exhibitors announcing a real revolution. “We’re looking for a new venue that will be able to host the fair on those dates and where it will be possible to organize an event that will be even more exciting,” writes the German director. “The Düsseldorf fair site will always be associated with the image of the “old” GDS and the spaces would still have been the same old ones,” explains Deutelmoser. She is planning the complete renewal of the event, and believes that this would be impossible at the traditional fair venue. But she is at pains to point out that “Although we’re talking about a new GDS, it doesn’t mean that the old one is dead”, and invites exhibitors to confirm their attendance at the February event as soon as possible “both to support the old GDS and to get off to a good start with the new one.


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