Lineapelle welcomes Korea: 35 teachers from Seoul are in Milan

35 docenti coreani a Spazio Lineapelle

The first approach was last March, in Seoul. The second, still in South Korea, at the end of April. Now it’s the turn of Milan. Today, 35 Korean fashion and style teachers have arrived at Spazio Lineapelle in Palazzo Gorani. Objective: to discover everything about Italian leather by being in the right place.

Three seminars

Led by Sunhee Park, president of FCA (aka Korea Fashion & Culture Association) and professor at Ewha Woman University, Korean teachers attended three seminars collected by Lineapelle and UNIC – Italian Tanneries under the overall theme “Leather, sustainability and innovation”. In the spotlight: the excellence of Italian leather analysed in the light of environmental and circular performance; the analysis of “leather as a material” and its characteristics; the innovative and versatile character of leather, as well as its ability to support any “new” fashion project but not only. A morning, therefore, dedicated to “leather education” which, given the enthusiasm of the audience, is promising.

The exhibition

The Korean teachers are not in Milan just to attend the Lineapelle/UNIC seminars, but also to promote the exhibition entitled 2019 International Fashion Art Exhibition in Milan. It takes place at Palazzo Morando and proposes a series of prototypes of clothes developed on the theme of Connecting Borders by 73 Korean and international stylists/artists. The exhibition, which sees Lineapelle among the partners, elaborates in a fashion way the suggestions offered by hangeul, the transcription of Korean alphabet.


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