Convergence to premium 2 | All Saints is growing for the fourth consecutive year thanks to a premium range

All Saints increased profits thanks to its ‘Capital Collection’ line of bags, supported by an expanded range of knitwear, coats and leather jackets. Sales for the year up to the 30th of January rose to 252.5 million pounds (about 293 million euros), an increase of 9% over the previous year. Sales in the UK rose by 7.4%, rising to 144.3 million, while international sales picked up by 12% (108.2 million). The CEO of the brand, William Kim, said: “The launch was a great success and in some markets, the Capital Collection has contributed to more than 10% of revenue. We are currently marketed in 18 countries. Looking ahead to 2020, we’d like our international trade to account two-thirds of our business.” All Saints, of Lion Capital properties, has been saved by the company after accumulating a debt of 53 million pounds following the failure of its previous owners, Icelandic Baugur investment. The recent success has increased the rumours that said the Lion Capital may try to sell, as it did with former assets Jimmy Choo, Weetabix and Wagamama. However, Kim has denied.


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