National Chamber of Italian Fashion Assembly: unity is fashion and sustainability. 2017: probable fairs alignment

Tuesday 31th of May the annual meeting of the CNMI, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. As it is the norm to do every year, the Governing Council and Presidency, headed by Carlo Capasa (pictured) for over a year now, were confirmed. Capasa is the former CEO of Costume National, have been confirmed. Capasa, in its report, has underlined some key points that are to be of guidance. The first is a reminder of the importance of union and cohesiveness of the sector in relation to sustainability. The second key issue is the management of fashion shows and trade fairs, while third is the promotion of young designers. “Every decision is and will be the fruit of a collective reflection” confirmed President of CNMI, leading to the possibility that as from 2017 “all the fairs organized for a finished product, from theMicam and Mipel, be aligned, with different projects, to Women’s fashion week”. The validity of the system used for fashion shows was another topic discussed, regarding that matter, Capasa has confirmed the operating plan of 4 shows per year, 2 for men and 2 for women’s fashion, explaining that “the conviction to maintain divided the opportunities for the presentation of men’s and women’s collections is shared by all the most important fashion weeks in the world “. So next year we should not get organizational surprises from Paris, New York and London. “Scouting young designers”: “With the partner Unicredit Banca we have created a project that supports the launching of youth activities. As a Chamber, we support the emerging designers, offering them space to catwalk and promote their international presence. We would like to find a hub, a physical place where they can meet and organize summit. Another initiative we are participating in is: Milan Fashion Graduate, on 28 and 29 June. The event, at just its second edition, aims to promote the creativity of the most talented students of the Italian fashion schools: special attention to leather, thanks to the collaboration with Lineapelle. Last but not least, sustainability. Capasa insists particularly on the subject and he remembered to mention that, “CNMI has a goal: that sustainability be recognized globally as a true patrimony of the Italian brands” and that the pursuit of this objective “was made possible by the results of the Table around which the most important brands met, in addition to industry associations: UNIC, Sistema Moda Italy, Federchimica, Textile Association and Health, Altagamma”


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