US fashion asks Congress for 5 actions to get out of the crisis

US fashion asks Congress for 5 actions to get out of the crisis

US fashion asks the government for help. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) sent an open letter to Congress leaders, meaning Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, which contained 5 proposals to support the US fashion segment. The letter was signed, beside from CFDA, by the Accessories Council, Apparel & Footwear Organization (AAFA) and Travel Goods Association as well.

US Fashion

The letter contains 5 proposals. In order, Trade Credit Insurance, Legal Liability Protection, Return to Work Incentives, Healthy Workplaces Tax Credit, Duty Drawback for Charitable Donations – reads the letter -. “We appreciate the recent stimulus measures, however there are several other opportunities to help the retail and manufacturing sector.

Today, we urge you to take additional steps as part of the next COVID-19 stimulus package and we implore you to include the following five provisions to keep the country open and keep Americans working”.

The alarms

The British fashion segment had already written to its government to complain about the potential consequences of Brexit. Now the same segment in the US asks for support. Another step taken by Tom Ford, president of CFDA, was to call the upcoming editions of the New York Fashion Week with the name “American Collection Calendar”.

Just a few days earlier, wrote MF Fashion, the same association, together with the PVH group, presented the research study “The state of diversity, equity & inclusion”, which analyses the conditions of minorities within the US fashion system.

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