It seems the Furlanetto family wants to sell Furla

It seems the Furlanetto family wants to sell Furla

The Furlanetto family wants to sell Furla, at least in part. It seems that this is one of the options that the heirs of Aldo Furlanetto, who founded the brand in Bologna in 1927, are considering. Lazard has already been commissioned to do so. From the documents in circulation, would also emerge a potential agreement between the brand itself and Stefano Sassi, former CEO of Valentino, that as a consultant would have facilitated the passage of Etro to L Catterton. All scenarios are still open.

Why it’s time to sell Furla

The accessories market is very crowded and competitive. The Furlanetto family probably realised that they needed to increase their firepower to compete. “It’s not clear whether Furla is looking for an industrial partner or simply someone to help finance the development of the company,” an anonymous source tells WWD. “Obviously, a capital injection is always useful, and we know that many private equity funds are flush with cash now. At Furla, I think there is a succession problem”. According to the same source, the brand has put plans for a possible IPO on hold. There has been talk of it since 2016, but the project never materialised. Referring to Giovanna Furlanetto, the source says: “She has changed her mind, and now is not the time to reconsider this decision”.

What Sassi has to do with it

Furla dossier also reveals a possible agreement between the brand and Stefano Sassi, CEO of Valentino until 2012. The manager recently collaborated on the transfer of 60% of Etro to L Catterton. The current CEO of Furla is Mauro Sabatini who, last January, took over from Alberto Camerlengo, who was appointed executive chairman of the board of directors.

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