One in a hundred succeeds: LVMH Métiers d’Art’s tight meshes

One in a hundred succeeds: LVMH Métiers d'Art's tight meshes

Through Métiers d’Art, the LVMH group invests in the industrial supply chain, sure. But it is not easy, from the perspective of SMEs and artisans, to measure up with a merger operation: the French holding company has tight, or rather very tight, meshes. CEO Matteo De Rosa explained it on the sidelines of the presentation of the Parisian hub Le Maine (photo, from Instagram).

Tight meshes

What is the target audience of LVMH Métiers d’Art? “They are companies that already work with the group”, De Rosa replied to MFF, “so already registered in excellence”. This is nothing new: we know, as those directly involved have already explained, that the French holding company intervenes in family-run SMEs to foster their development and ensure generational change. What we did not know is the scale of screening and selection work. What are the criteria for entering the Métiers d’Art? “We do an enormous amount of scouting”, the CEO continues. “In Italy alone last year we examined 100 companies”. Intervening, however, only in some of them.

The group

Yes, because LVMH Métiers d’Art has grown over the last decade, but without haste. “We started in 2015 with a turnover of EUR 80 million and 2 companies”, says De Rosa. “Now we got to EUR 700 million and have 17 maisons, in all continents”. The approach to business remains unchanged: “In 90% of the cases, we acquire the company or become majority shareholders”, concludes the CEO. “It take several years to make an impact. And competitors are welcome: 50% of the Métiers d’Art production is for LVMH and the other half for outsiders”.

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