Blahnik spoke: “So much garbage around”, “I am the stupid man who did shoes for women to make them happier”

“There is so much garbage around: so many horrible shoes”. For example: “There are Balenciaga’s shoes, that look like a horse, well actually two horses. Some of them seem to be monstrous animals. Truly horrible”. This is an excerpt taken from the interview of Anna Murphy, fashion director at TheTimes, to Manolo Blahnik. The interview touched upon many topics regarding fashion (in general) and style (his). “I have seen every type of shoe, some exactly like mine, but they aren’t in fact mine”, says Blahnik referring to the “many” that imitate him. Of course, the article had to include references to tv series Sex and the City and Madonna, that defined Blahnik’s shoes: “As good as sex, but they last longer”. According to the stylist the perfect height for a heel is of 50 mm or a few millimeters less, because they are easy to wear but still allow body movement. Blahnik, who loves gloves and hats, tells the interviews the story from the beginning of his career to the feared meeting with Diana Vreeland, fashion icon and journalist, to then states how he is “not very interested by today’s society”. And when the journalist asks him how he would like to be remembered he says: “I couldn’t care less”, but then adds: “as that stupid man who did shoes for women to make them happier. I would like that very much. It isn’t relevant but making shoes for me is a way to make certain people happier. Because my shoes do make women happier, you know that right?”.

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