Düsseldorf: Gallery Shoes. A positive outcome for the former GDS

Accepted by initial scepticism by the operators, disappointed by the latest GDS editions, the Gallery Shoes salon received overall positive comments. The recently concluded event at the Areal Böhler, on the outskirts of Düsseldorf, hosted over 500 brands. Participation went beyond the expectations of the organisers (Igedo). “This first edition sparked a lot of curiosity among German customers. Perhaps costs were a bit too high and it laked internationality that characterised the GDS” commented Sara Galli of the Brunate shoe factory. However, Galli also pointed out how the German market is on the rise. “Buyers seemed more responsive than usual, and we have received requests to re-commission some orders for this winter. However, it’s too early to make predictions.” Positive impression also for Samuele Camerlengo of the shoe factory Lorenzi: “Very interesting exhibition, even for the number of visitors, 90% of which were from Germany, Belgium and Holland. Some bought, others took appointments for Micam or Monaco. Compared to the GDS, this event was different for the environment, dividing exhibitors according to the product type and the airiest stands.”


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