Footwear: Ted Baker buys back the license given to Pentland and bring production and distribution back in house

After 17 years, Ted Baker brings its footwear back in house, by buying the license back from Pentland. To do so, the English brand will spend 13 million Pounds (around 14.6 million euros), re-acquiring control of No Ordinary Shoes Limited and No Ordinary Shoes USA (the companies that manufacture footwear products for Ted Baker), beside from 8 million Pounds “to update activities”. Ray Kelvin, founder and ceo of Ted Baker stated: “I would like to thank Pentland for the work they did these past 17 years. This is an exciting opportunity for Ted Baked, to drive further growth in the footwear segment and make it a strong global lifestyle brand”. Richard Newcombe, world’s president of Pentland’s footwear division has highlighted the achieved results: “Since 2001, when we started manufacturing Ted Baker’s shoes (on license), we have increased the category by 800%, and the distribution from 60 partners in 8 markets, to 200 in 28 markets”. The operation will be done at the end of the year. Ted Baker’s footwear sales in 2017 were worth 39.8 million Pounds (44.7 million euro).


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