Italy to host, for the first time, the World Footwear Congress, scheduled in Naples, on April 4-5, 2019, to discuss about sustainability and digital experience

The first edition took place in Brussels in 2003, whereas the last two were held, respectively, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2011, and Leòn, Mexico, in 2014. In 2019, Italy will be in charge of the organization, for the first time, of the World Footwear Congress, scheduled in Naples on 4-5 April 2019. “That was one of my primary goals, that is, to bring this event in our country – pointed out Cleto Sagripanti, president of CEC (the European confederation of footwear manufacturers), during the press conference held to present the event (in the picture) – and I am a great deal satisfied about this accomplishment, which I achieved in my last year as appointed president”. “Looking at the agenda, we have scheduled several visits to the most important businesses located in the area; moreover, speeches will be given by a panel of lecturers, to be still defined, internationally acknowledged – remarks Carlo Casillo, president of Sistema Moda Italia – Unione Industriali Napoli (Italy’s Fashion System – Naples Union of Industrial Entrepreneurs). We are going to spotlight two topics: sustainability and digital experience, which are mostly driving the business expansion as regards manufacturing and retail”. “We are proudly ready to host the event – wraps up Tommaso Cancellara – general manager of Assocalzaturifici (the association of footwear manufacturers) – while joining CEC. We also hope that the organization will enjoy a boost, aiming to ultimately represent all the EU countries”.


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