Of course sneakers, but there is more: the shoes selling the most in the USA

Of course sneakers, but there is more: the shoes selling the most in the USA

Running shoes, moccasins and flats: these are the shoes selling the most in the USA. They are versatile and can be worn all year long, as well as being a convenient choice for consumers while they face inflation. According to research firm Circana, footwear sales in the USA decreased 3% from January to August 2023 on comparable basis with 2022, while volume was also down. But some styles hold on more than others.

The shoes selling the most in the USA

Even with footwear consumption slowing in the USA, some models are still performing well. The more versatile, cross-seasonal and flexible shoes for all occasions continue to sell. Circana’s Retail tracking Service says that running shoes, moccasins and flats are the favorites of US consumers. Running shoes for adults grew 6% from January to August 2023, compared to the same period. And it can be safely said that consumers aren’t tired of buying sneakers yet. Especially of the technical and sporting ones. During the same period considered, sales of basketball shoes increased 13%, tennis shoes by 42% and football shoes by 16%. Circana says sneakers tied to the three disciplines have experienced double-digit growth. Other categories with a “plus” sign are driver and moccasins (+19%) and flats (+14%).

Lower purchases on Christmas too

Circana certifies the weak demand for shoes present in the USA today. Locals spend less due to a series of economic factors, and will not be spending a lot on Christmas either. The forecast for next year indicates a levelling of prices as well as pairs sold, and consequently value. “Success will be measured by market share gains – says Beth Goldstein to Footwear News –.Brands and resellers will need to be innovative with regards to their product offering, distribution, and marketing strategies”.

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