Only leather can substitute leather: Nomasei’s slow luxury

Only leather can substitute leather: Nomasei’s slow luxury

Nomasei’s slow luxury becomes more inclusive. But the materials stay the same: leather remains at the center of the brand’s collections because it’s more sustainable than the so-called alternative materials. Nomasei is a French brand with a strong Italian identity. For example: the name comes from the Italian number 6. The materials and manufacturing are both Italian, with the latter being done by a partner located in Montopoli in Val d’Arno (Pisa).

Only leather can substitute leather

The concept that inspired the creators Paule Tenaillon and Marine Braquet (both ex Chloé) is the slow luxury concept. In other words: timeless products that are durable, sustainable and given to the client with maximum transparency over production and costs. Alternative materials have no room in this philosophy, as they explain on their website. There are three reasons for which they do not use what many mistakenly call “vegan leather”. The first: it’s not a sustainable long-term alternative, mainly because 90% of such materials are made in plastic or oil-based subproducts. Second: leather has been used for thousands of years due to its durability. Third: the so-called “vegan leather” isn’t suitable to be used for shoes because feet can’t breathe normally, they sweat and it’s not healthy. Simply put.

Nomasei’s slow luxury

Paule Tenaillon and Marine Braquet met in a luxury shoe factory in Venice. Nomasei comes from the anagram of “mano (hand)” while “sei (six)” was chosen to represent the many hands that collaborated on the project and the competencies”. Nomasei aims to have sustainable products, starting from Montopoli’s craftsmanship location, which uses recyclable zippers and biodegradable soles from Tuscany. The leather is all Italian and metal-free: “we know where the animals raised to produce these hides came from, what processes were used in the tannery, and under what conditions these tanneries are managed”, explains Nomasei on its portal.

Inclusive collections

Nomasei has recently launched an inclusive boots’ collection that is suitable for all shapes of legs. According to Fashion United, this is possible thanks to a cotton cover that is more elastic and another detail. The boots are made out of a long piece of leather with no horizontal stitching that may cause swelling to the knees and thighs.

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