Quarrelling over sneakers: Skechers defeat Nike at Court

Sneaker della discordia: Skechers batte Nike in Tribunale

For the third time, Skechers have won their legal dispute with Nike, which accused the company of counterfeiting, and more than that. In fact, as reported by The Fashion Law, in the most recent lawsuit they were not just highlighting similarities between sneakers models. In Nike’s opinion, Skechers have allegedly built up their whole business model by stealing designs that belong to other brands. The name of such practice would be Skecherizing. Nike have been pointing their accusing finger straight at Robert Greenberg, Skechers chief executive officer. He is supposedly the one who is driving such strategy.

Maybe not

Yet, for the time being, looks like Skechers are right. Charles E. Bullock, chief judge of the International Trade Commission, did not spot any infringement, in the Twinkle Toes and Bobs shoe models, made by Skechers, of the Converse Chuck Taylor middle sole. He could not spot any violation in all the other Skechers product lines either. “We are happy to see that judge Bullock agreed upon the fact that Skechers have been using these designs for a long while, before the acquisition of the brands copyright by Converse”, remarked President Michael Greenberg in a press release.

Very positive figures

Meanwhile, Skechers USA announced that profits and sales, in 2019 third quarter, went beyond financial analysts’ expectations. The brand headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, reached 71 cents in terms of adjusted profits per share, therefore increasing by 22.4%. Likewise, revenues have been going up by 15.1%, therefore reaching 1.35 billion dollars and exceeding turnover forecast (1.34 billion dollars).

Picture taken from thefashionlaw.com 


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