Sonora’s boots start over with leather and Italian manufacturing

Sonora’s boots start over with leather and Italian manufacturing

An Italian group acquired Sonora, footwear brand founded in the 1980s and known for it cowboy boots. Members of the group that made purchase are: Maurizia Lastilla, ex Stuart Weitzman, financial partners from Panda Partecipazioni and some from Jaxster Capital. The recipe to start over focuses on leather and Italian manufacturing. The first published collection should come out in April, while the products’ presence in physical stores is expected for June.

Leather and Italian manufacturing

The brand Sonora was previously owned by Marche-based Zeis Excelsa. According to Footwear News, the brand was bought out by a group of investors led by Lastilla. The ex-director of international sales and merchandizing at Stuart Weitzman now plans on overseeing the development, production and commercial strategy of Sonora. Interviewed by FN, Lastilla explains that she will focus the do-over on 3 main principles. Which ones? The Santa Fe, a classic western boot with a slightly higher heel. The Hidalgo model, Chelsea boot with details and western stitching. And last, Chihuahua, the updated version of the boot launched in the 1980s thanks to Georges Marciano, co-founder of Guess. The three models will be crafted in calf leather and polished leather in black, white and cherry red. Sonora’s production will continue to be done in the Marche region.


The ex-banker Nicola Nori, whom will manage the business side of the brand, explained that Sonora will position itself in the “affordable luxury” segment. Prices will be about 50% below those of luxury brands (between 390 and 700 euro for end-consumers). “Our goal is to start with shoes, but in our vision, Sonora is expected to grow as a lifestyle brand”, he said. Mr. Nori explained that while Italy and Europe are the brand’s reference markets, Sonora has the potential to grow in the United States and the Far East.

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