The Lion King comes back, and Clarks draw inspiration for children shoes

Clarks x Lion King is a new footwear line for babies and children: it draws inspiration from Disney’s classic movie, dated back to 1994, which will be on again at the US cinemas on Friday 19 July (in Italy it will arrive on August 21). The remake of The Lion King is going to tell about Simba’s adventures by making use of brand new graphics and special effects.

The launch

“While celebrating the very long-awaited The Lion King movie, Clarks worked together with Disney to create an exclusive footwear line for babies and children. Such shoes, made of suede leather, have taken inspiration from the exploration mood”, announced the brand on their own website. Shoes selling price is 45 US dollars; they are available online only.

Three types

Clarks launched a collection composed of three limited edition variations of the Roamer model. In each pair of shoes, one can see, on the upper, the silhouette of the lion cub, alongside a special design that includes a few characters taken from the story, among whom Simba and Pumbaa. Buyers may select three different shades – sand, brown and yellow –, along with rubber sole and Velcro or buckle straps.

 Clarks and Wu-Wear Wu-Tang do it again

Clarks have not been collaborating with Disney only. In fact, for the second year in a row, the brand is liaising again with Wu-Wear Wu-Tang. They are going to present, together with the New Yorker team, a new capsule collection focused on the Wallabee iconic model. Thanks to such partnership, they created three variation types, whose upper shoe is made of waterproof and stain-resistant suede leather, coming from Charles F.Stead tannery. Buyers will also enjoy traditional Para rubber sole, with natural crepe rubber, and leather finishing embellished with Wu-Tang tints and creativity. Finally yet importantly, the logo of the brand will appear on the shoe heel.


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