“They are the models we are selling most”: Selfridges, in Oxford Street, open a new area dedicated to sneakers

Selfridges, the well-known English department stores, have set up an area of approximately 165 square metres, dedicated to women’s sneakers. For the records, they opened it in their flagship store, headquartered in Oxford Street, London. The space, which displays over 700 sport models, is split into two areas: a “fashion luxury” one, which houses 18 brands (for example, Chloe, Balenciaga, Gucci, Etro), and a “sneaker head consumer” one, which exhibits some trade industry iconic brands, such as Nike, Vans, Adidas Yeezy. Selfridges announced that they set up this area to meet their customers’ growing demand for sneakers: “Over the last two years, we have been facing a remarkable change in women’s footwear business trend, as sneakers have become more and more important (and profitable) for our sales”. Most of all, Selfridges had to double Balenciaga and McQueen orders to meet the clients’ demand. Kurt Geiger, in a partnership with Selfridges with regard to footwear, remarked that sneakers are currently the type of shoes they are selling most overall, thus outdoing boots. Picture from footwearnews.com.


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