US footwear and retail keep running up, while achieving top record sales in July: “The best performance over the last 5 years”

In July, US footwear sales achieved record performance. Such data are provided by FDRA, the American association of footwear suppliers and retailers, after analyzing figures, made public by the Government, about the footwear market, according to traditional business trends. In July, store sales increased by 8,7%, compared to the same month in 2017, therefore reaching “the most remarkable improvement over the last five years”. Overall revenues amounted to 3,18 billion dollars, and footwear retailers carried out their best performance ever in July, therefore outdoing wholesale suppliers. Such positive trend has been confirmed by the amount of money US consumers spent for footwear, which went up by 5,6%, on annual basis, in all channels, from web to actual stores. “In the second half of 2017 we had to face tough times, since overall sales in shoe stores had been decreasing every month; now, conversely, over the last four months sales have been augmenting, up to record accomplishments”, announced Matt Priest, president and chief executive officer of FDRA. “Likewise, the consumers’ budget for shoes keeps growing. We are by all means very happy for the business. Retailers and brands have been striving hard to renovate both their products and experiences. The latest figures tell us that footwear retail is bound to expand in 2018, despite the fact that someone had predicted the closure of actual shops”.


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