Exports of Italian bags reach nearly 8.2 billion euros in 2018

Il primo MIpel di Franco Gabbrielli

Exports are booming. Revenues have been going up. Trade balance assets got firmer. Italian leather goods industry enjoyed a positive trend throughout 2018. Assopellettieri, which held their annual assembly in Milan, on June 26, provided such figures.

Seven billion and six hundred million euros

The industry turnover reached 7.6 billion euros in 2018, therefore increasing by 3.1%, compared to 2017. Trade balance assets amounted to slightly more than 5 billion euros (+8.1%), while exports have been increasing by 10%, therefore reaching nearly 8.2 billion euros (+744 million euros compared to 2017). Nevertheless, quantities declined overall: in fact, kilograms of exported goods decreased by 5.8%, while the average price, per kilo, increased by 17%.

Quality is the winning card

According to Assopellettieri, such factor reinforces “the undisputed quality standards of made in Italy artisanal manufacturing” and “the leading role, in the overall sector performances, luxury world top groups currently play at this point”. It is no coincidence, then, that exports towards Switzerland, which is the logistic hub of several international fashion houses, have been rising by 24.1%, in terms of value, and 21.2% in terms of volumes.


“Data about Italy’s shopping still highlight a dull and uncertain trend in 2018: sales have been running steady basically, as regards quantities, whereas expenses have been slightly dropping (-0.4%)”. Conversely, the European Union markets have sent comforting messages, as sales have been growing by 5.6%, in terms of value, despite declining volumes (-13%). Such trend does not apply to Germany though: sales enjoyed a boost, +4.1%, in terms of value as well. As for exports out of the European Union, sales increased by 12.3% and went up by 6.7% in terms of volumes. Far East and North America prove to be the driving markets.

In the picture, taken from Assopellettieri, Franco Gabrielli, new president of the association


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