Ninael, the Italian handbag wins the Independent Handbag Awards 2017

“Choosing raw materials is paramount. I directly choose the leather, strictly Italian, as well as accessories, just as important for the collection. I opt for basic leathers but of the highest quality” says designer Elena Longhi. Longhi, in September 2013, created the Ninael brand, winning the Independence Handbag Awards 2017 with the VBackpack bag. Featuring suede and fringe, handsewn, with purple canvas and retailing at  500 euros. Elena Longhi is a Roman designer currently living in Parma, who makes bags in Tuscany. “Why did I choose bags? Because they are the accessory for excellence, they enclose the world of a woman. Now I’m also working on a range of products (from beachwear to sandals to the iconic biker) with leather in the foreground.”


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