The value of upcycling for Patou, brand owned by LVMH

The value of upcycling for Patou, brand owned by LVMH

The value of upcycling? It’s there, even in high fashion, “which is always a case of desire first”, said Guillaume Henry, artistic director of Patou (in photo). This brand owned by LVMH has launched its first collections made with “dormant” leather that was in warehouses.

The value of upcycling

The model, said Mr. Henry, “awakened” the luxury leather stores inside warehouses. “Leather is like a beautiful chair, it’s precious”, said the stylist to Vogue –. The quality of these leathers is beautiful”. Henry worked with what he was able to source, meaning that the handbag by Le Patou will be available in limited numbers: 45 poppy red bags and 120 in black. “It’s like if the philosophy of the brand was contained in a single product”, he said to WWD.

The drop

During the first drop, Le Patou offered a handbag of semi-circular shape with geometric cuts inspired by the JP monogram, which will be available in 8 colors and in 30, 60 or 120 pieces depending on the availability of leather pieces. The handbag, says the brand’s website, is sold for 950 euro at the 30 boutiques partnered with the brand around the world. As pointed out by WWD, distribution will be widened to 100 retailers for the 2nd season, with colors that will be updated twice a year.

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