2019 challenges the fashion industry: tanneries and textiles play through the pain

Il primo semestre 2019 dei settori produttivi che espongono a Lineapelle 97

The first semester of 2019 was challenging for the fashion world’s suppliers’ segment. The tanning industry, in Italy and Europe, was forced bite the bullet: what weighs on the industry is “the global economy’s uncertain state – reads the Market Insights document prepared by Lineapelle’s Economic Service -, which seems to push some traditional clients’ sections to purchase contained volumes and reduce their costs”. Same performance from textiles’ producers. On the other hand, the accessories and components’ section performs well, specifically the segment manufacturing metal Minuterie.


Italian tanning, even while losing 7.3% in value and 11.9% in volume on yearly base, maintains its continental leadership (65% of EU’s revenue) ad well as its top role on a global scale. Leather for soles, meanwhile, lost 6%. The weakness of the market’s demands also caused losses in other European tanneries, mainly in Germany, Austria, Poland and Portugal, while these same decrements were less decisive in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. The recoil also brought damages to Asia and Latin America.


Always according to Market Insights, the positive trends of the textiles and synthetic materials has also come to a halt. The average decrease was of 6% during the period: while the leather fibre board is living a positive moment (+2%) thanks to British producers, synthetic and textiles lose 6% and 5% respectively. German manufacturers of these two product lines decreased by double digits, while Spanish and Italian producers also lost ground even if less severely.

Accessories and Components

The only segments doing well in this period is that of accessories and components, which gained 1% in comparison to the same period of the previous year. The merit is to be attributed to the metal Minuterie segment, pulling the entire segment with a 7% gain. Not all countries, though, are experiencing this gain: while France smiles with its +6% performance, Spain (-3%) cannot do the same.



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