From today until February 29, Questione di Pelle awaits you

Lineapelle entra in città: a Milano la mostra Questioni di Pelle

Questione di Pelle celebrates leather. It tells about its beauty and its versatility. It demonstrates its ability to arouse emotions and to be transgressive”.“At Questione di Pelle they celebrate leather. That is a tale about leather beauty and versatility”.

Questione di Pelle is the exhibition event through which Lineapelle enters in the heart of Milan directly. To describe it with the aforementioned words is Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of Lineapelle. All you have to do is plan a visit to Lineapelle space, at Palazzo Gorani (via Brisa), a few steps from Piazza Duomo and Piazza Affari. Here, from today until February 29, you can discover the excellence of “the exhibition project highlighting leather ability to stir emotions, while being eccentric, and strengthen its traditional role as an essential material serving the fashion, luxury and design industry. Fashion designers engaged in the exhibition, successfully interpreted the use of leather, according to their own personal creativity and standpoint. We do hope that such event will be a prompt to encourage young creative designers”.


As emphasised in the press release, “the exhibition will spotlight a special area focused on some works designed and created by Gianfranco Ferrè, the fashion architect, on display here by courtesy of Gianfranco Ferrè Foundation”. In addition, visitors will find a number of “items created by designers Bozart, Cecilio Castrillo, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Mario Dice, Diego Dolcini, Ely B., Massimiliano Giornetti, Simone Guidarelli, Mani del Sud, Antonio Marras, Italo Marseglia, Simone Marulli, Sermoneta, Ventaglidautore, Vivetta, Alessandra Zanaria”.



Dreamlike path

Questioni di Pelle turns out to be, then, “kind of a dreamlike journey: each designer provided a personal interpretation of leather”. “They created dresses and suits or accessories in compliance with a very personal attitude of mind towards creativity: rigorous or irreverent, hyper-adorned or minimal, ascetic or erotic, poetic or sculptural. In doing so, they celebrate the versatility of leather, a flexible and glamourous material”.


Journalist Mariella Milani, together with art director Simone Guidarelli, in partnership with iTALENTS, oversees the project Questione di Pelle. Her aim is “to educate and convey a new awareness of leather” and all its natural, circular and sustainable qualities. In other words, to strengthen and enhance the worldwide communication campaign, launched by UNIC-Italian Tanneries and based on the following concept: Real Leather is Real Sustainability. It is no coincidence that the name of the concept is the subheading of the exhibition project.

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