Chiapponi and Armani no longer tolerate casual (and “trashy”) luxury

Chiapponi and Armani no longer tolerate casual (and “trashy”) luxury

They are distant voices, in some ways. One, Walter Chiapponi, guiding Tod’s, is among the rising stars of Italian fashion. The other, Giorgio Armani, is such a veteran that can be said he has written pages in the history of Italian fashion. But they both agree on the same point: a certain intolerance towards casual luxury, and the hope that we can return to new or renewed standards of elegance. As an accomplice, in its own way, the shock of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Casual luxury

Speaking to Il Corriere della Sera, Chiapponi (pictured) says he is above all optimistic about post-pandemic scenarios. “We will play, I have no doubts about that. For the better. So much, too much trash seen and endured will disappear. I don’t think of a return to perfect elegance, it would no longer make sense, but of something that I like to think of as nonchalance”. On the other hand, he was never like certain peers. “I don’t like revolutions by nature – he says about the experience at Tod’s -, those that many colleagues have made by entering a brand, distorting and messing around. I prefer evolutions”.

Armani agrees

At the end of November, speaking TO Le Figaro, Giorgio Armani expressed a similar need to get rid of certain excesses. Weaving the praise of fashion balance of the 90s, he commented: “This aesthetic is a possible alternative to sportswear that has been the master for too long”. The pandemic is also involved in Re Giorgio’s reflections. The elegance that he recalls “has fluidity and comfort, while maintaining relevance with the times”. That of the 90s is an “easy to wear” fashion, “a relief in this period of work from home” and social distancing.

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