Luxury and classifications: the Vuitton brand is worth more, the top ten lost 5% in 2015

Google, which bypasses Apple in command, and Microsoft are the top three brands in the general classification drawn up every year by Brandz on the value of trademarks and published by WPP and Millward Brown. Nike, with $ 37 billion, comes before Zara and H & M in the Apparel category. In the luxury sector dominates Louis Vuitton with $ 28.5 billion (+ 4% for 2015). Second place for Hermès ($19.8 bl and + 5%), then Gucci ($12.6 bl but -9%) and, in fourth place, Chanel (+ 15%). Burberry is seventh (-20%), Prada eighth ($ 4.4 billion, -33%), Dior tenth. According to the study, the top ten brands of the luxury category have lost 5% of its own value compared to 2015. Nielsen has instead presented a classification on the perception of the brand in Asia. Nike and Chanel are in the top ten. Among the top 50 we find Gucci (14), Calvin Klein (22), Giorgio Armani (37) and Louis Vuitton (43).


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