Luxury is a family matter: Julia Toledano, daughter of Ralph, makes her debut with Nodaleto, top secret brand

The brand is called Nodaleto, founded in 2018 in France, and it makes shoes in the Brenta region. The brand will be presented on March first during the Paris Fashion Week. But the more important news is that, behind the Nodaleto brand, is Julia Toledano, 26 years-old daughter of Ralph Toledano (together in picture). Mr. Toledano is the current president of Victoria Beckham, president of the French institution Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, and board member of Institut Français de la Mode. The hint comes from the name chosen for the brand, since if we take apart the syllables and read it backwards, the surname Toledano appears. Collaborating with Julia Toledano is Olivier Leone Didi, president of the brand Olivier Leone. According to what reported by MF Fashion, her first collection will be called Very first drop, it will be produced in Venice, and it represents a tribute to her family’s legacy. Nothing more is known about the brand, since the website is still being built, while the brand’s Instagram profile only has a pair of shoes with the brand logo present.


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