More and more Dior: the brand held the Cruise fashion show in Athens and accelerates

More and more Dior: the brand held the Cruise fashion show in Athens and accelerates

Luxury and fashion shows in recovery? Dior is more than that. With the pandemic, “instead of just shifting gears and pressing the brakes, we accelerated. We stayed on track and came out very fast,” says Pietro Beccari, Dior’s CEO, after the Cruise 2022 fashion show in Athens. “In the first quarter, we have increased our market share, and in the second quarter we are doing well” said the manager who defined Cassandre those who hypothesised the end of shows on the catwalk. In other words: more and more Dior.

More and more Dior

Dior started 2021 in pole position. “We are only continuing to do what Mr. Dior did, opening his business – Beccari tells WWD-. Our optimism, our courage, is part of the brand’s DNA”. The pole position is the result of the work done during the pandemic when the brand, according to the manager himself, did not pull the oars into the boat, but accelerated. An example is the closed-door fashion show in Lecce, which has had a wide response. More generally, Beccari explains to MF Fashion, Dior in 2020 “held up. We managed to stem the moment when there were no Chinese or American tourists. People will return to do things even more intensively than before. People want a story, they don’t buy by chance”.

The AthensCruise collection

700 people attended the Athens Cruise 2022 fashion show, distributed along a 500-meter runway illuminated by 20 braziers and rows of headlights. Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Dior womenswear, proposed an updated versions of the peplos, the dress worn by women in ancient Greece. She paired them with athleisure pieces and futuristic sneakers. But the piece that most impressed the insiders was the leather armour you see in the photo on the right. It is “the armour that a modern woman needs for everyday life – explains Chiuri to WWD”.

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