So many rumors surrounding fashion: Tapestry puts Golden Goose in its sight, OTB is the only savior for Cavalli, and a new partner joins Etro

Tapestry puts Golden Goose in its sight, OTB becomes more and more involved in the Cavalli situation and a new (potentially grand) partner closes in for Etro. It was a rumor-filled Easter for Italian and international fashion. Starting with Coach, which would like to enrich its portfolio with another valuable brand: Golden Goose, Italian brand famous for the creation of a sneaker-cult. According to what reported by Il Sole 24 Ore (Italian economy newspaper), Tapestry believes the brand would be a great addition to its portfolio: but Carlyle, current owner of GGDB has, allegedly no interest in selling it now. We will discuss this again. In addition, there continues to be ever more frequent indiscretions regarding the restructuring of Roberto Cavalli. The Tuscan brand would need over 100 million euro to have a future, says La Repubblica (daily newspaper), and while part of the investment should come from Bluestar Alliance fund, the rest is unknown. The role of Renzo Rosso will be of paramount importance in this matter: the OTB group is Cavalli’s creditor and licenser of the Just brand. The direct involvement of Vicenza-based holding in the restructuring process of Cavalli is, always according to La Repubblica, Cavalli’s last chance for production continuity. That being said, many unknowns surround the matter at hand: will Renzo Rosso agree to go on this journey, and will he want to do it with Bluestar as a sparring partner? But there is more. Because among the corridors of certain financial institutions there is a rumor that Etro may be looking for a partner. Who may that be? According to L’Economia (section of most-read Italian Newspaper, Corriere della Sera), the match being played is between Mayhoola fund (main character behind Valentino’s booming results) and TIP (Tamburi Investment Partners). Nothing is certain: but we must keep our ears open.


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