Argentina: automotive industry doesn’t invest, tanning segment and slaughterhouses at stake

The automotive industry buys less Argentinian leather. Tanneries in the Santa Fe region buy less raw hides. The slaughterhouses, which are also facing an increment in the price of electricity, lose money and time. It is the picture, not at all positive, that was painted by the end of the year in the department of Northern Argentina. El Santafesino (newspaper), tells this story. According to it, slaughterhouses, are running with “80% less revenue that used to originate from the sale of derivative products (all that isn’t meat)”, which used to come from the tanning industry. Additionally, they are having to take on extra costs. The region’s slaughterhouses have warehouses filled with material that loses value day by day, but that they cannot use, and because of this matter, they are having to hire new employees to salt the leather while waiting for new clients.


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