Baxter: “We upgrade leather language”

Baxter: “We upgrade leather language”

Such is the issue: to help customers, at present, feel the quality of products and materials, despite all difficulties brought about by the pandemic. The solution suggested by Baxter turns out to be hybrid, as they match physical with digital experience. In so doing, customers may virtually see both product and design, and can physically touch leather as much as materials. Paolo Bestetti, Chief Executive Officer of the Lombard company, which specializes in high-end home furnishings, illustrated these solutions while presenting the Baxter Worldwide 2020 project. They made public their goal: “To upgrade leather language”.

Baxter Worldwide 2020

“We strove to match technology with the physical product thrill”, commented Bestetti online. First step: to take advantage of technology to lead buyers and retailers on a journey into Baxter world. Second step: it is about, instead, “the physical part, the touch”, continued Bestetti. “Baxter has been traditionally carrying out research on colours and materials: it is extremely difficult to transfer this aspect at a distance”. In fact, touching a material makes you feel a real emotion. We have therefore decided to physically refocus our research on customers. What won us over, most of all, was to see their reaction while watching a sneak preview of top-secret new products in a mix of digital and sensorial clues. And physically touching the new hides as much as the new materials”.

The leather language

Talking about leather, on elledecor, Bestetti put into words two concepts. The former: “In the last 5 years we focused a great deal of our efforts on trying to understand how final users were subsequently perceiving our research on leather, materials, combinations and style. What is essentially most important is not only creating a quality product, but also helping customers feel it”. The latter is related to sustainability: “The opportunity to process hides implicitly goes hand in hand with the ability to recycle a product which would go waste otherwise”, finally remarked Bestetti.

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