Brazilian JBS Couros to face cuts: fewer shifts, over 500 jobs at risk

JBS Couros, the Brazilian meat holding’s branch in charge of the tanning business, is about to close and cut. As announced by the company, “shifts will shrink in Uberlandia and Lins tanneries in order to adapt our production capacity to the market current situation”. According to Brazilian press, over 500 jobs are at risk presumably. According to other domestic sources, at the end of JBS Couros corporate restructuring, over 1,000 employees will be dismissed from their job. For the time being the holding, run by Batista family, says that they will pledge “to allocate the redundant staff in other departments”. Meanwhile JBS group announces that they have come to an agreement with Brazilian justice as credits, claimed by Mato Grosso do Sul government, will be secured by 5 real estates. By doing so, on the one hand local authorities will have 120 days to estimate and assess JBS’s actual debt, on the other hand the assets, previously frozen, will be available again. Factories will therefore restart their manufacturing.


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