Do not call it meat: the vegan one is a cultural diversion

Do not call it meat: the vegan one is a cultural diversion

It looks like meat, but it is not meat. Do not call it meat then. COPA and COGECA, the two leading associations representing European farmers, have been focusing attention again on debate about meat sounding. The industry players have launched a communication campaign, called Ceci N’est Pas un Steak, to inspire the European Parliament. The aim “is not to hinder these products market”; it is rather to set “some clear guidelines about name classification”, in order to safeguard buyers and make them fully aware of what they are actually eating. It cannot be appropriate, in other words, simply applying the “vegan” adjective to a type of meat in order to sell something which is not actually meat.

Do not call it meat

The European Parliament has been engaged in such discussion for over a year. Yet, talks to set the new OCM guidelines, to regulate and define a correct use of terms, are, for the umpteenth time, at a dead end. That is why the two associations have launched a new communication campaign, called Ceci N’est Pas un Steak. Farmers’ representatives asked the European Parliament to closely consider and assess the impact and consequences of such terminological generalization, which might bring about, in their opinion, a misleading marketing.

The comment

“Europe’s livestock industry does not aim at fighting against such development. We simply want to safeguard the job of millions of European farmers and livestock workers, which must be respected and acknowledged – pointed out Jean-Pierre Fleury, president of COPA and COGECA –. Speaking my mind, what we observe is a clear example of cultural diversion. In fact, some marketing agencies make use of it intentionally to mislead buyers by promoting the idea that replacing a product with another one will not have any impact on nutritional value. Although the journey is paved with good intentions, it is bound to open the door to further confusing terms which will come up in the future”.

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