Forestali’s “invisible” leadership turns “100 years to come”. New ICF Group get listed at the Stock Exchange

Last Saturday employees and managers of Industrie Chimiche Forestali were wearing a meaningful t-shirt. You could read on it: “We are invisible, though we are everywhere”. The Lombard company, headquartered in Marcallo con Casone, where they run their administration offices and production, “manufacture in Italy and export all over the world technical solutions to glue and cement footwear, any kind of leather goods and industrial products” (as a matter of fact, such “invisible” solutions are actually everywhere). Last week they celebrated their 100th anniversary, since their foundation, along with their listing at the Stock Exchange. “Industrie Chimiche Forestali – points out CEO Guido Cami (in the picture) – have been making, for 100 years, adhesives and fabrics. We produce them in Italy and we export worldwide. Our history consists of people, organization, passion and initiative. In addition, this is just the beginning: in fact, we are not celebrating our past 100 years, but rather our next 100 years and our success to come. Thanks to ICF Group’s support and potential, we are going to achieve further enthusiastic accomplishments that will drive our expansion”. ICF Group is a “brand new company” that has been listed at AIM Italy since last 14 May. They came up “after the business combination between EPS Equita PEP SPAC, listed on AIM Italy since August 2017, and Industrie Chimiche Forestali”. Their overall turnover has been consistently increasing: in fact, revenues moved from 43,2 million Euros, in 2009, up to 80 million Euros in 2017. Estimated earnings at the end of 2018 are 82 million Euros: hence, the group aim to reinforce their business in the international markets, which are currently worth 70% of their global incomes. As a new bigger group, they are also planning to expand their industrial operating capacity by joining together additional companies, specialized in products for gluing, but also focused on supplying other production industries.


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