Goodbye Switzerland, Kering to relocate logistics to Italy (from 2020)

Swiss media had assumed that Luxury Goods International, a Swiss subsidiary of Kering French group, might leave Switzerland following the end of negotiations with Italy’s Inland Revenue: at that time, immediately after the agreement, it was just an assumption, rather credible though. Today such assumption has come true, as confirmed by the company’s top managers. As reported by RSI, “the first employees who will be involved in the relocation are the accountancy department ones, currently in charge of logistics in the offices in Cadempino: for the records, in the same offices the company had already dismissed 150 workers, while announcing their Italian relocation plan last October. Following Cadempino, offices in Sant’Antonino, Bioggio and Vezia will be involved in the relocation as well: consequently, 400 people will lose their job. Employees will manage to move to Trecate, in the province of Novara, where Kering is planning to open a logistic mega centre. Such transformation will supposedly take place in three years, starting from 2020. As emphasized by the Economia, a financial insert supplied by the Corriere della Sera, quoting a Kering press release, logistic facilities currently located in Switzerland will keep running, though “activities will be considerably limited and working staff will be consequently reduced. The French group, while liaising with all parties involved, is striving hard to soften the relocation effects on employees, responsibly engaged. The company is going to centralise most of Swiss logistic activities by relocating them to one hub in Italy, which will be gauged according to prospective development”. Moreover, such hub will ensure “a higher capacity in terms of warehousing and scalability, in line with expanding volumes, and will meet a growing demand for interconnection between the most important transport hubs”. Looking at figures, as reported by the Corrsera, the new plant will guarantee an outstanding augmentation of storage volumes, eight times higher compared to the Swiss facilities: it will extend across 160,000 square metres, therefore expanding a great deal compared to Sant’Antonino (20,000 square metres).

In the picture, a screenshot of RSI television report over the news


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