International Footwear and Bags Design Award, 13 Italians running

International Footwear and Bags Design Award, 13 Italians running

On the hunt for new talents. There are 13 Italians among the 70 designers selected for the final phase of the International Footwear and Bags Design Award. The international competition is directed at students and professionals in the world of accessories, competing for the design of a shoe or a bag. The contest, now at its twelfth edition, is organised by the Shenzhen Leather Association, a trade association that brings together 300 shoe and leather goods factories from southern China.

“Participation in the international competition can give visibility to emerging talents, and turn into an opportunity to stand out and find work contacts”, explained the Association’s contact in Italy, architect Francesco Sani. For the winners in the student and professional categories for leather goods and footwear sectors, there’s a 6,000 euros prize.

13 Italians running

Of the approximately 600 contestants, only 70 got to the final stage. Among the shoe and bag projects that won over the jury, there are 10 professionals and 3 Italian students. Most of them come from the Tuscan fashion district. Among the students are Gaia Bernocco and Rebecca Buccheri, both students of Mita Academy in Scandicci (FI). Among the professionals in the shoe section were chosen: Elisabetta Sartini together with Vincenzo Maddaluni, Alessandra Meucci, Jacopo Matteucci with Duccio Pagni Da Granaiola.

In the bags section, were able distinguished themselves Cecilia Posarelli, Niko Mazzaccherini, Stephany Poles, Soohye Shin. Two other finalists come from the Academy of Fashion in Naples: a former student, Ciro Pezzullo, selected in the student category, and a teacher, in the professional category, Tommaso Roviello.

The award ceremony

The final phase of the competition will see the bags and shoes’ projects transformed into real prototypes. Finalists will have to create a sample and send it to the jury by October 30, 2020. The award ceremony is scheduled for December, when the creations selected as the best will be the protagonists of an exhibition. “This is a unique opportunity to broaden working horizons – commented Francesco Sani – by starting or consolidating a collaboration with a very complex market, but very fascinating and rich in opportunities, such as the Chinese one”.

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