Mourning in the Italian tannery industry: farewell to Valter Ceccatelli (Incas)

Mourning in the Italian tannery industry: farewell to Valter Ceccatelli (Incas)

Italian leather (and not only) says goodbye to Valter Ceccatelli, president and CEO of Tuscan tanning group Incas (Iniziative Conciarie Associate). Ceccatelli was 63 years old and, as the company points out in a note, “he has led Incas from 1996 to today, personally accompanying its development and organisation, and died due to the sudden complications of a serious illness with which he had been fighting since the beginning of last year”.

Farewell to Valter Ceccatelli

Ceccatelli, say from Incas “had landed in the tanning world through his wife Alessandra Rovini, daughter of entrepreneur Renato Rovini of the historic David Group. At the time, a number of companies in the sector belonged to it. After the diploma as a geometer, it was his father-in-law who measured Valter’s qualities in one of the group’s companies, Savapel di Valerio Martelli, engaged in the import and sale of semi-finished leathers.

That was the experience that earned him the success and confidence of Rovini. Who, with the division of the David Group in 1996, decided to call him to guide the Incas tannery in Castelfranco, of which Rovini himself was a partner, together with Franco Rosati.

Since then, Ceccatelli has been the president and CEO of the company with no intteruptions, led in recent years together with his brother-in-law, Filippo Rovini, and Franco Rosati’s two sons, Piero and Renzo”.

Until the very end

Valter Ceccatelli had established deep relationships with UNIC – Italian Tanneries, and “a few days ago participated in the last BoD – writes Incas – with the usual energy and lucidity”. Those “typical of people used to looking far ahead, indicating strategies and lines of action to overcome the difficult moment linked to the pandemic.

But also to relaunch the company in the near future. A legacy that Valter Caccatelli leaves to the partners and, first of all, to his two sons, Iacopo and Nicolò”.



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