Poltrona Frau (together with UNIC) illustrates leather and product quality

Poltrona Frau (together with UNIC) illustrates leather and product quality

“Leather and Poltrona Frau have been going hand in hand since the very first beginning. It is indeed an extremely close connection, a permanent identity relation”. Nicola Coropulis, Chief Executive Officer of the design brand, headquartered in the Marche, illustrates product quality and, nearly simultaneously, highlights the quality of materials products are made from. He acts likewise when being questioned on efforts about sustainability, carried out by the company he leads.

“Poltrona Frau has traditionally made use of hides processed and tanned by Italian companies – he pointed out during his attending Milan Design City 2020 –: when it comes to environment respect and safeguard, Italian regulations, which urged European guidelines to set an adjustment, are some of the strictest ones”.


Product and leather quality

One of sustainability’s most relevant assets is durability then. “Our products are bound to last for a long time and have been always manufactured by using natural materials”, claimed Coropulis. Moving on from this point, we now focus our attention on “the way we should design products in order to have them possibly disassembled and recycled at the end of their own lifecycle, in 100 years and more”.

Looking at this, leather turns out be more than a reliable partner: it is an ally. “We consider sustainability to be a paramount asset – commented Fulvia Bacchi, general manager of UNIC-Italian Tanneries – a top priority our tanners are not facing today for the first time as they  have been rather working on it for decades”.

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