Increase in foreign visitors to Lineapelle: +13%. Buyers from 110 countries

Double-digit growth for the turnout of Spaniards, Chinese and Koreans. The influx of buyers from France, the US and Japan shows a significant increase. The presence of Greeks, Czechs and Ukrainians doubles or triples. A slowdown, however, is noted in visitors coming from Russia, Turkey and Hong Kong, due to the well-known economic or commercial difficulties affecting the three areas. The numbers on the up for Lineapelle – the latest edition of which (20-22 September) has just closed in Rho – do not only confirm the global leadership of the fair in the leather, textiles, accessories and components sector. They also demonstrate the increasingly international profile. The influx of foreign buyers and designers (+13%) grew at a higher rate than that of Italians (+5%). The absolute value of the public from abroad is almost equal to that from Italy. Professionals from 110 countries paced the corridors at Lineapelle: a trip around the world in the space of a few halls.


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