Unfair pricing and returns: Antitrust fines YNAP 5.2 million

Unfair pricing and returns: Antitrust fines YNAP 5.2 million

Antitrust authorities filed against YNAP (Yoox Net-a-Porter Group) for practicing unfair pricing and returns (and consequent violation of rights). That’s the reason behind the 5.2 million euro fine that the e-commerce portal will have to pay. The facts, reports ANSA, are tied to the 2019-2022 period. No YNAP has 60 days to inform authorities over what it plans on doing to “surpass the criticalities highlighted during by the state”.

Unfair pricing

Antitrust authorities asserted that before February 2022, discounts offered on some products were equal to those offered before promotions. The e-commerce portal is accused of changing the retail prices of the products to match certain price-points for goods on sale. They also claim that YNAP, after February 2022, started adjusting prices to follow a “general price” that was applied by the retail stores instead of its own. The continuous repricing, say authorities, allowed YNAP to showcase offers to the public (starting price and discounted) more advantageous than the real ones.


Not just unfair pricing. According to authorities, YOOX implemented a specific policy that blocked consumers from making purchases after having surpassed certain levels in terms of returns, even cancelling some already placed orders. According to the agency, the policy also included limitations to the right of withdrawal of customers. What’s the problem? That YOOX wasn’t informing consumers either before or after of the reasons behind the purchasing block.

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