US leather industry ran steadily in 2017, as their overseas turnover reached 2,08 billion dollars, just 40 million more compared to 2016

A year of business stability for the US leather industry. Export of made in the USA tanning raw material, semi-finished and leather reached 2,08 billion dollars, thus increasing by around 40 million compared to the year before. Such are the data provided by USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture), then reported by trade journals. Salted hides have been driving the positive trend of the industry, since their overseas turnover increased by 6%; conversely, revenues coming from wet blue dropped by 7%. China is the most important business market, as pointed out by USHSLA (thus also reminding it, as a warning, to the White House). China also proves to be driving overseas sales of porcine skins. In contrast, export of hides and leather, as reported by LIA, amounted to 1,2 billion dollars, thus decreasing by 2,3%.


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