Brazilian Marfrig buy out 51% of US National Beef to create a new meat giant

Brazilian Marfrig, a meat-manufacturing group, announced they bought out 51% of National Beef shares (National Beef is the fourth best player in the US livestock and farming industry). The buyout deal amounts to around 969 million dollars (slightly less than 790 million euros): Marfrig are going to be given financial support by Rebobank, and they will take advantage of the transfer, still on the SUA market, of Keystone Food. Leucadia National Corporation Holding has owned National Beef, since 2011: their shares are now moving from 79% down to 31%, thus becoming the first minority shareholder. Thanks to the acquisition of the business, in 2017 they processed 12,000 livestock units a day, at the closing of the deal Marfrig will become the second best meat holding in the world, after JBS.


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