Hermès invests in Australia for a biggest crocodile factory farming

Hermès invests in Australia’s biggest crocodile factory farming

No renouncement, but simply higher supervision. According to international press, Hermès invests in Australia: here, in fact, the fashion house has recently bought out a plot of land where they are planning to build a crocodile factory farm. Reportedly the brand has signed such millionaire-worth deal in partnership with Mick Burns, one of the industry’s most important experts worldwide.

Hermès invests in Australia

As reported by abc.net.au, vice.com and afr.com, Hermès has supposedly purchased a plot of land which formerly hosted a melon and banana fruit farm. The fashion house has no intention of committing to fruit production of course. Conversely, they are rather planning to transform the area into Australia’s biggest crocodile factory farming. They are going to do that on a plot of land extending across 376 acres (slightly less than 15 hectares, that is, about 150,000 square metres), located in the northern area of the country.

Like we said, reportedly Hermès has carried out this acquisition deal together with Mick Burns, who is an expert on reptiles. For the records, he is one of the managers of PRI Farming, controlled by Hermès, through which the fashion brand brought the deal to completion by spending something like 7.25 million dollars.

Everything under control

The luxury fashion house is planning to build a factory farming which is due to reach, within 5 years, its peak capacity, therefore processing 45,000 to 50,000 units. Supposedly, the factory farm is bound to host a laboratory for egg incubation, some paddocks for rearing, some refrigerating areas for food preparation and conservation and, finally, large outdoor spaces for animals.

Thanks to such venture, Hermès will be able to control and oversee the raw material industry since the very first beginning of it. The fashion house is not going to give up reptile leather then but is going to invest in transparency and traceability.

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